Faculty Travels: Summer 2015

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND  July 23-25 Iain Provan | 2015 Abbey Summer School is once again led and organized by a group of alumni committed encouraging those in the region who seek Christian teaching and nourishment, and who like to think deeply about faith. This year's summer school will focus on the doctrine of the Trinity and its implications for our daily living and growth in Christ. Featuring keynote speaker, Jeremy Begbie, and joined by James Houston, emeritus professor of spiritual theology at Regent. Full details here.

COLERAINE, NORTHERN IRELAND Aug 1-7 | Iain Provan will be leading the morning Bible readings at the New Horizons Conference 2015. on the campus of the University of Ulster.

ST. ANDREW'S, SCOTLAND Aug 16-28 | Rikk Watts | in St Andrews visiting Steven Watts & family. If you're on Facebook, check in with Rikk's post to see if there's a meet-up opportunity. 

BASINGSTOKE, ENGLAND Aug 29 - Sep 2 | Rikk Watts | Rikk will be conference speaker at Salt and Light, Basingstoke Churches. Check their website for details on venue and times.