Regent Redux: A Good Death?

Mercy, Mortality, and Medically Assisted Dying

What does mercy mean for those who live with intolerable pain? Is medically-assisted death the answer? In this Redux conversation, a panel discusses practical, ethical, and spiritual issues surrounding these questions. 

On June 28, Dr. Iwan Russell-Jones hosted a stirring conversation about medically assisted dying. Dr. Ellen Wiebe made the case for assisted dying, arguing that those who suffer are entitled to put an end to their pain. Dr. Edwin Hui, Dr. Tim Maughan, and hospital chaplain Philip Weaver responded, bringing ethics, theology, and practice to bear on this important issue. Their discussion explored the reasons why people choose to die and the importance of a Christian perspective on end of life issues. If you missed the broadcast, or want to view it again, you can watch the video at the Regent Redux website.

This broadcast began with an edited version of Iwan Russell-Jones's interview with Dr. Ellen Wiebe. Interested in hearing the rest? Watch the full interview here.

Redux seeks to model gracious and thoughtful conversation even in the face of profound disagreement. While we do not endorse all views expressed on our show, we believe that careful and respectful listening to multiple points of view is essential to meaningful, effective engagement with contemporary culture.