Spring Appeal 2019

Would you participate in God's provision?

Friends of Regent College Canada Trust is pleased to receive donations in support of the work of Regent College.

Regent College is dependent on God's provision. And that provision comes to us through friends like you. As retiring Professor of Old Testament Phil Long said recently, “It’s not all about money, but without money things don’t happen.”

As a non-profit organization, Regent doesn’t ask students to pay the full cost of their education. Instead, Regent relies on donations to provide about 30% of the College’s budget. Grants from Friends of Regent College Canada Trust make up an important part of this. Those grants are funded entirely by donors like you.

If your life has been enriched by Regent’s teaching, you’ve benefited from donor generosity. If future generations are enriched by Regent’s teaching, they’ll be benefiting from your generosity.

Phil and I hope and pray that God will continue to draw keen minds from around the world to Regent—into a community where they can slow down, have real conversations, and learn together from God’s Word. And Phil and I both know this will only happen if donors like you make it possible. Would you make a gift today?

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Gifts to Friends of Regent College Canada Trust may be eligible for Gift Aid in the UK. Gifts to Regent College are tax deductible in Canada. Learn more about international giving here.