UK Students


Over 400 graduates and former students from Regent College are currently living in the United Kingdom. They're serving as pastors, running businesses and farms, working as lawyers, studying for PhD's, and doing just about everything else you can think of - all with a profoundly shaped understanding of how God is at work with them and through them in the whole of human life. And that's in addition to dozens of students who came from the United Kingdom to Regent College, whom God has then taken to other corners of the globe.

In the past year over 40 more students from the United Kingdom have attended classes at Regent - some just for a summer course, others enrolled for an entire degree. We look forward to many more years of stories from our alumni of how their Regent College education is helping them live faithfully and creatively throughout the United Kingdom.

Here are statements from past students about why they chose Regent, and what they found upon arrival.

Daniel & Annie Whitehead (Current Students)

I first heard about Regent College when I heard Professor Rikk Watts wake a series of lectures over 3 days in Basingstoke, UK in 2007. These lectures were so formational and life changing for me personally, and led to me meeting a few people that had studied at Regent. Speaking with them I saw in them the sort of faith I admire - one that is grounded, thoughtful, respectful, gracious, and at peace with living in 'the tension.' This is the sort of person I have pursued becoming, even without the 'Regent experience.' Until this time, I had only dreamed of taking a year out to study at Regent—and now this dream is coming true. It is truly an incredible feeling, for both Annie and I.

Michelle & Patrick Tittmar (Current Students)

Why Regent? It was a recommendation from an alum and hearing about Regent’s great faculty/academic reputation. However, what really persuaded us was the impression we had of the range of courses coupled with flexibility, the focus on the arts as a means of expressing faith and an emphasis on equipping lay people. Having arrived, what impacts us is the way God uses such a diversity of teaching by so many lecturers in a way that seems to inextricably connect. What excites us are things like the intimacy of fellowship in communion at Chapel with both students and faculty and studying poetry with the fresh perspective of fellow-students and lecturers who share the Christian faith. We so appreciate the overall atmosphere of openness conducive to discussion, debate and even disagreement. Our intention is to be refreshed in our faith and gain a renewed sense of God’s purpose for our lives.

Dave (MCS '04) & Beccy Allen

It was after reading books by faculty members that we became interested in coming to Regent. The College website confirmed it! We wanted to go to a school that combined academic excellence and integrity with learning that had spiritual application. Since arriving, we have thought more about God as Creator and the importance of Sabbath rest. We’ve learned that faith is not something to be compartmentalized, but rather it affects how we work and how we spend our money. We think the biggest “uniqueness” of Regent is actually its diversity—the fact that so many denominations, countries and cultures are represented. We would never have had the chance to be exposed to such variety elsewhere. However, but for the support of donors, we have realized that we would not have been able to come. It was a very humbling experience for us to find out about those who have invested on our behalf and we are grateful to those who have made this experience possible.